Now Hiring Facility Manager!

The Beach Express is currently looking for a high-energy, capable, and driven individual to become our new facility manager! This position manages the day-to-day operations of the Beach Expressway Alabama Facility including: Manages the processes, policies, procedures in accordance to the Facility Business Plan and supervises the toll and customer service departments to ensure the integrity of the toll collection. Performs all activities related to management of staff including defining roles and responsibilities, provides leadership, develops teamwork, setting goals, priorities, facilitating work, removing barriers/resolving differences, appraising performance and training and developing staff. Meets deadlines, completing all tasks in a timely manner with a high degree of service and quality.

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Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manage the personnel at the Alabama Facility to include hiring, termination, discipline and development as outlined in the Corporate Performance Management Plan.
  • Oversee the integration of new facility technologies.
  • Develop and implement the Facility Business Plan and Budget.
  • Provide regular communications to the VP of Operations and Engineering and other Departments.
  • Implement technical and corporate policies and procedures as they pertain to the Facility.
  • Implement/coordinate capital facility improvement initiatives.
  • Secure and deposit daily revenues.
  • Manages the Toll Department including functional and organizational management of all staff to include toll customer comments, complaints and suggestions.
  • Prepares reports, analysis and forecasts of toll revenue for the Facility and makes recommendations that align with corporate approved policies and procedures.
  • Maintains the Toll Department: update Operational Manuals and job descriptions, maintain collection and banking procedures, update statistical analysis, and recruitment.
  • Operates with the toll audit and independent audits required on toll collection functions.
  • Manages follow-up actions identified to resolve discrepancies of audits.
  • Manages the operation of the Toll Collection System (TCS) and manages the toll banking and audit processes in accordance with the operational manual and procedures.
  • Monitors the implementation of operating plans against forecasts, and prepares variance reports accordingly.
  • Monitors compliance with procedures, quality standards, and objectives.
  • Participates in the review and preparation of recommendations for improvements in facilities, work methods, procedures, organization, working conditions, etc.
  • Support the development and implement the Facility Business Plan and Budget; Prepare and update plans and budgets for the facility.
  • Review and approve projections for manpower requirements, manpower complements, and materials consumptions, including requirements for regular part-time staff and contractual workers.
  • Maintain site, control gates, building and booths, computers, customer interface systems and grounds.
  • Maintain IT systems and direct emerging IT requirements to the IT Department.
  • Meet Health, Safety and Security objectives to include contingency plans for all perils.
  • Provide excellent Customer Service while meeting Corporate customer service objectives and minimizing damage claims and service delivery incidents.
  • Monitors the fund transfer process, secure and deposit daily revenues.
  • Maintains a broad understanding of manual lane, point of sale and plaza computer system (PCS) operation.
  • Prepares regular and ad-hoc management reports according to procedures.
  • Enforces all policies and procedures according to the corporate employee handbook.
  • Meet Health, Safety and Security objectives to include contingency plans for all perils.
  • Provide excellent Customer Service while meeting Corporate customer service objectives and minimizing damage claims and service delivery incidents.
  • Oversee the integration of new facility technologies.

Standard Accountabilities:

  • Conduct all business-related activities for, and on the behalf of, American Roads within the limits of applicable local, state, and federal legal requirements.
  • Provide support to, and compliance with, all local and corporate American Roads Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) policies, procedures and other HSE related requirements.
  • Quality - Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness and follows all American Roads policies; looks for ways to improve and promote quality.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Basic Qualification / Work Experience:

  • Experience developing and managing capital and operating budgets with experience working in a “for profit” organization.
  • Ability to coordinate and influence relevant project stakeholders.
  • Ability to prioritize projects and expenditures, to devise formal project plans and to identify project milestones.
  • Ability to establish routine planning and control protocols.
  • Ability to provide formal written input regarding budgetary requirements; to research and justify recommendations and to prioritize budgetary requirements for preliminary review.
  • Excellent organizational and managerial skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Proficient proven computer literacy in troubleshooting, applications, spreadsheet tabulations, project planning, word processing and financial functions.
  • Highly critical thinker with effective researching skills, resource developer, conflict resolution, project management.
  • A minimum of three to five years in a leadership role
  • Flexible team player with experience in a fast-paced work environment
  • Interpersonal and relationship building skills
  • Able to make prompt and sound decisions to deal with any situation associated with toll collection and customer service